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biography of chef lasof

Early Life & Culinary Passion

Meet Chef Lasof, a Texan through and through, with a lifelong love for food that started when he was just a kid. While juggling classes at the University of Houston's Hotel and Restaurant Management School, he also lent his talents to the Houston Country Club kitchen.

Seeking adventure and new tastes, he headed to New Orleans, where the vibrant culinary scene stole his heart. Under the wing of Chef Roland Huet at the famous Christian's Restaurant, he mastered the art of French Creole Cuisine. 

His next stop? Chicago! At the Blackhawk Lodge, his innovative dishes became the talk of the town. After leaving his mark in the Windy City, he brought his flair up to the Pacific Northwest at Portland's Avalon Grill, celebrating the region's fresh bounty.

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Bowriders on Lake Union

But it was the call of the water that finally lured him to Bowriders Grill on Lake Union. Here, he combines simplicity with freshness, crafting dishes that embody the true essence of the Pacific Northwest with the occasional Southern twist. From its inception, Bowriders has been his passion project. Over the past two years, he’s turned it into a beloved spot where locals gather for flavors that match the views. Known to friends and diners alike, he cherishes the chance to cook for all new Seattle faces -- furry friends included!

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